How to fill urns

Most pet cremations hand the ashes of your pet to you in a plastic bag, possibly it is also packed in a fabric bag or a carton box.

In our assortment you will find urns with screw caps, loose lids that can be glued on and self-adhesive plates. Some urns are filled from above, others from below.

It is best to spread out a newspaper and place the urn in the middle. Open it and place a corner of the plastic bag in the urn. We recommend that you put the ash in the urn with this bag, because if the urn should accidentally fall down and break, especially a ceramic or porcelain urn, the ash is additionally protected by the bag. Now carefully move the bag back and forth until the whole bag is in the urn.

Of course, you can cut open the bag beforehand and put the ashes directly into the urn or place your own empty bag in the urn first, then pour the ash from your bag into the urn bag. Therefore the newspaper as a placemat. If a little bit of ash falls down, you can pick up the ashes again and fill them in the urn.

If you want to close the urn permanently, you should use special PVA glue for wood urns, all other urns you best glue with transparent silicone or superglue, whereby we personally prefer silicone. Let the urn rest for a few hours before placing the urn at your favourite spot.

For some urns of the supplier Funeral products you will also find the corresponding video tutorials.

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